Hillside House

If you are ever in the Arizona area is sure to reserve a room at the Hillside house. We are bed and breakfast located in Jerome Arizona. We offer many amenities for our guests. Previous guests have enjoyed the exclusiveness of our services, the quietness of our location, our friendly staff, and even our home cooked meals.

At Hillside House you are not just treated like another customer you are treated like family. Having a limited amount of guests to cater to, us at Hillside House to be able to get to know the visitors. Once we have become acquainted with you then we make sure that all of our actions make your stay as pleasant as possible. The terms mam and sir can get overused in your daily life. At our bed and breakfast, we will make sure to address you by your name so that you can feel comfortable and more at home.

Previous guests have enjoyed that fact that our staff have been able to cater to their wants and needs more. Unlike booking a room at a hotel, Hillside House is only able to accommodate a limited number of guests at once. This is a plus for visitor because it means that all of your requests and questions will be addressed with quickness.

One of the best advantages of staying at the Hillside house is increased security. By limiting the amount of guests that are able to stay at our Bread and Breakfast nook, we are able to learn and get to know all of our guests. There are not unfamiliar faces. No one can come to the Hillside House and pretend to be a guest like at a regular hotel. We make sure to personally know who our guests are and how many people are in his or her party. This reduces the possibility that your valuables will be taken by an unaccounted for guest.

Many people enjoy the fact that Hillside House is able to provide a place to stay that is peaceful and serine. Located off State Route 89A, this Bed and Breakfast facility provide guests with a place to get away from the noise of constant cars riding by. Speaking of cars, be forewarned; the Arizona heat has been known to take a toll on automobiles, if the heat causes your car to stop working completely and you would like to get rid of it then Milano's Cash For Cars, located in Arizona, will be happy to take the vehicle off of your hands.

We know that our guests would like to have fun outside of the Hillside House and therefore we recommend visiting The Jerome Grand Hotel. This haunted hotel will be sure to provide you with much entertainment as you walk through the hallways and rooms of the Jerome city attraction. You may even see and encounter a couple of ghouls and/or ghosts. If you are not into haunted houses then perhaps the Jerome State Historic Park, Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery, or Bitter Creek Winery will provide you with some amusement.

As a side note we often here from individuals that on the way to Hillside their car has taken some major damage. Although, it is sad and we are sorry to hear it the heat in Arizona really does majorly damage cars. So, if your car has overheated then you may be forced to get rid of it. We hope this is not the case but if it does happen we suggest you use http://www.cashforcarssandiego.org they've worked with a few of our customers and removed vehicles in the past. It isn't the best scenario but it does give you options.

The services offered at Hillside House will make you forget that you are a guest at our Bed and Breakfast. Our friendly staff will make sure that you feel at home and like one of the family. So what are you waiting for, call us or stop by to reserve your room today.